Advanced Vedic Astrology Course

Advanced Vedic Astrology Course

Michael Conneely’s personal program offers 4 strands:

First of all, you complete grounded and authentic written work in which you read the concepts we’re covering with regards to your chart and Michael’s.
You are able to join the program anytime.

Next, this chart study alternates with understanding the interpretation techniques. Both of these parts are completed in your personal some time and at a pace that’s best for you.

Thirdly, a weekly online seminars sustains you through your course.

Furthermore, there’s an active and incredibly encouraging private student FaceBook group.

This Course is a Third Level Course for which there is greater detail below:

  • The teaching is devoted, caring, learned and extensive: this can be a worldwide distance education certificated course. The program aims to coach Counsellors and instructors of Vedic Zodiac.
  • The Actual Vedic Zodiac Course is trained in three levels from beginner to advanced course. This is actually the Advanced Course website.
  • The teaching concentrates on two charts: your own and Michael Conneely’s, and therefore all of the techniques that you simply learn are grounded and psychologically valid, taken from the lives of real people and therefore not ungrounded / mentalistic or dogmatic. You receive a lot more than time-limited verbal training or recorded teaching. This can be a project one can learn simply or grow into huge academic detail, and you can make the most of a thorough and patient, completely personalised Tutor response.
  • Furthermore, the  Vedic Zodiac course always handles the zodiac phenomena positively and from the perspective of elevated awareness. Perception and awareness is elevated by utilisation of artwork and embodiment. The program could be associated with empowerment and healing methods. The opportunity of awareness produced through the huge and sure promise of the Vedic zodiac could be further augmented by such methods as Inner Child Work and family Constellation Work if appropriate.

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