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By Michael Conneely

I have worked as an astrologer for twenty two years and I have attended a number of western and Vedic Astrology Courses myself. I have completed a university-based five-year Ethnography: a social anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west comprising Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community. I have five university degrees, including from Oxford University, and I am dedicated to the best in caring teaching methods like the Oxford University Tutorial system that I myself benefited from in the late 1960s. I have teaching and counseling qualifications.

My Very Special Teaching Methods:
I avoid legalistic or formulaic teaching because all the perceptions generated by the western or Vedic Astrology will be authentically linked to our two charts and lives (yours and mine) and will have pointers to healing methods and because teaching methods will include art work, embodiment work, vision work and empowerment dimensions as well as the top quality astrological perception. Myth is a wonderful and crucial guideline to understanding. We use psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work, Family Constellation Work. There is a vibrant students’ Face Book where you can share your questions, insights and interests with each other. These Courses are to a high level of awareness that you can incorporate into your life. The Courses are certificated subject to satisfactory standard of completion.