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Michael Conneely is by far the most insightful and accurate astrologer I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Michael is the only Astrologer who has integrated both Western and Vedic Astrology Models and displayed an accurate understanding of my past and predictive future. I am truly grateful for Michael's Astrology as coupled with his healing work as it has brought peace to my family in times of great stress. THANK-YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL
Robert Williams, Yorkshire, England
Thank you again for such beautiful and detailed explanations to my questions. You are certainly caring and work in a very individual way. You gave me so much to mull over and digest that I know it will take some time, but I’m also very excited and grateful for your suggestions and lighting the way through what will be another interesting year for me.
Lisa Bianco, Sydney, Australia
Hi Michael, I was completely blown away by your reading. It was amazing.
Fiona Carroll, Dublin, Eire
Thanks Michael, I have received everything – you’ve put a lot into this, so thank you again. I will read / listen to it over the next few days to absorb it all, and then get back to you
Marc Dobson, Hahndorf, South Australia