Learn Vedic Astrology Today with Michael Conneely

Learn Vedic Astrology Today

Each Course Level comes complete with a Worldwide Webinar Series to enable you to better learn Vedic Astrology.
You can decide how best to integrate the webinars and your course work:
Firstly, you can do the coursework of the linked course at the same time as following the Webinars.
Or you can do the linked course work later after the webinars have ended.
Or can just participate in the webinars and not do the linked course work at all.

How do my linked Vedic Astrology Courses work? Each of my webinar-linked courses embodies four strands:
A. The first strand is applied astrology: you study the planets one by one, first in your chart and then in my chart.
B. You alternate this applied study with study of the Rules Consolidation Documents which I send you and exercises arising from these.
C. The Webinars add another different dimension. They afford stimulation to help us keep going through the written course, as well as sharing with each other. In all cases the webinars will be related to our personal charts in the case of every topic they cover.
D: in all cases there will be a linking of the astrological perception gained from the course to approaches of healing and empowerment; use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. At additional cost, a very wide range of skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is additionally available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial.

There is full detail of the topics taught in each astrology webinar series on the relevant course website. It is up to you how much work you do on each of the written course modules.
There is no set time in which the course has to be completed, this is partly to accommodate individual circumstances and partly to enable you to go as deeply as you wish into each topic.
Please get in touch to learn more about the courses.