Michael Conneely’s Biography

Michael Conneely’s Biography

Michael Conneely studied at Oxford University and worked in community work and social anthropology. He has teaching, counselling and community work qualifications, and many advanced astrology certifications in both the Western and Vedic systems.

‘A formative time in Michael’s life was when he completed a five-year university based ethnographic social-anthropological study of spiritual forms new to the west. The method involved living in the communities and institutions we studied. Michael thus was blessed to gain insight into the spiritual forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism and utopian community. It was mainly based in Glastonbury, UK, and it was a privilege for him to have been able to undertake this study. Michael Conneely feels this gives him great insights which he is pleased to share with those people he works together with. Be that in a Astrology Courses or for Astrology Readings

Michael works with his partner, Healer Maggie Pashley and shares his insights with you in the most caring, thorough and learned manner.
Your natal and predictive astrology, in both Western astrology and your Vedic Astrology, can if necessary be linked to a range of healing modalities and empowerment techniques.

Michael is prolific online and when not busy working on people’s natal charts he writes a comprehensive blog on astrology and other subjects:
Michael Conneely’s Blog

Michael also has a Website where you can learn more about him directly at Earth Star Web

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Michael is an Author and has written many books, fiction and non-fiction for information about Michael Conneely’s Novels and buying them